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Dear Friends,

After 12 years of operating The Night Eagle, presenting some of the finest music and other performing arts to our area, it's with heart-felt sadness that I let you know that we have fallen on hard times. High operating expenses, increasing debt, the state of our economy and lack of attendance has made it extremely difficult to continue, and left us no choice but to close our doors for now. I did not want to make any of this public until after Colorscape weekend.

A very special thanks to our lifetime members, as well as our regular members and all our patrons for your support over the years.I hope you all understand that I have a commitment to you and view your Lifetime Membership fees as a personal debt. I hope to reopen Night Eagle in some way after 6 months to a year as the cafe or, as a 501c3, not for profit. In fact, we have never made a profit after all these years, but the Night Eagle was a labor of love that we struggled to keep open. At least as a not for profit we will be eligible for additional funding sources which will allow us to continue presenting music to the community. It is a sad way to conclude this part of the Night Eagle's story but, do believe we will be presenting incredible shows once again when I have eased this debt load. When and wherever this takes place all of our previous commitments to you will be honored. There have been a few inquiries from performers about dong a fundraiser to help with some of the debt. I will keep you posted on that as it develops. Meanwhile check the website from time to time for updates. A friend of mine refers to the Night Eagle as the Phoenix, because it has struggled and survived in the past. It is my belief that we will turn this around again. ...

Peace to you and yours and thank you all for your help in keeping live music alive.., Ken Millett

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